The numbers game

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Mar 062012

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I’m still trying to wade through the results of several tests that have been done, and I summarize some of the important things I’ve discovered in a youtube video.

While I have a lot of new information, I don’t necessarily have the answers yet, just more questions.  At least I now have a better idea of what I need to be addressing, rather than just start popping anti-retroviral drugs.

Most of the tests I refer to in the video can be found on this blog by clicking on the “attachments” tab near the top of every page.

I will be catching up on other things I’ve been doing since the first of the year soon, so please stay tuned.



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    Healthy numbers there,Jonathan….CD4 in serious decline and Viral load increases big time.Classical AIDS timeline as well.When will you start your ARVs?Or do you want to go all the way and be the next Karri,Christine,Emery or Kim?

    I can’t wait to dance on your grave!


    What about measuring nagalase and considering  taking GcMAF?


       I have considered GcMAF, but other than a preliminary report from Nobuto
      Yamamoto several years ago, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of evidence
      that it is as beneficial as hoped. It is not easily available and is
      quite expensive. None of those reason alone would keep me from trying
      it, but given the combination of all three, it is pretty low on my
      list.  I am trying some other experimental treatments that I hope to
      share the results from soon.


    Could the viral load just be picking up the internal stress of whatever’s happening with your body?
    If you want to try to decrease your viral load I really recommend the alkaline diet protocol. My last three viral loads have been very low since doing the protocol right before testing… But does viral load stay low once you go off the protocol? That I don’t know. Unfortunately it’s done nothing to increase my CD4 count. 

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