Still beggin’, after all the years…

 Posted by on February 19, 2012 at 4:27 pm
Feb 192012

Seems I’ve spent most of my adult life raising money for one thing or another. Sometimes for personal needs, like the summer I spent as a teen missionary in Brazil, or my recent request for help to do intravenous vitamin C, but more often it’s been for a cause.

This is one of those times. And the Forums at Questioning AIDS is the cause.

When I first started seeking alternatives to the mainstream approach to AIDS that have caused me so much grief, I stumbled up the forums at a site called AIDS Myth Exposed. A few years later, I was a moderator there. A little over two years ago, I helped move those forums to their new home at the appropriately named, where I am a member of the management team.

Social networking sites like Facebook are helping to bring more and more of us together as a community like never before. While Facebook emphasizes what’s happening today (more like this afternoon, or maybe just the last 15 minutes), sites like QA provide a rich and searchable database of information going back to 2001.

The forum software that QA is trying to acquire will take advantage of these unique differences and merge the best of both worlds, by allowing people to log on to the QA Forums using their Facebook accounts, for example. Other possibilities include expanding features at QA, such as live chat, or perhaps even user blogs. The first step is to ensure that there is support to continue hosting QA and bringing the software up-to-date.

Before I could even draft this post, the fundraising drive is already more than halfway to reaching its goal of $250, which will be matched by an anonymous donor. But it’s not to late to “ChipIn” a few bucks to a worthy cause.

Those interested can read more about the fundraiser at—where else—the QA Forums here.  Don’t forget that every dollar donated is matched, effectively doubling any contribution made.

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