“Reduce the burden” is focus of new website

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Feb 272009

There is a new website online for those questioning the mainstream AIDS hypothesis, and I’m impressed.

reducetheburden.org is a veritable warehouse of research documentation from dozens, perhaps hundreds of sources ranging from Natural News to the AP, challenging the status quo about AIDS and making it a bookmark site for anyone confronting a chronic disease.

Here is how RTB describes itself on the homepage:

RTB is an idea, a website, and a social movement whose aim is to improve the lives of Aids patients worldwide, by improving understanding of the over-simplified and often incorrect publicly advertised Aids diagnosis.

screenshot from reducetheburden.org

screenshot from reducetheburden.org

RTB avoids getting bogged down and sidetracked over the controversial question of causation of AIDS. Instead, the site’s feature articles and supportive documents focus attention on the questionable validity, and therefore value, of antibody, cd4 and viral load tests, as well as the dangerous effects from the current strategy of depending on expensive and toxic anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs for life.

One recent post, “Side Effects – Letters to The Body.com”, highlights the many personal travails of ARV users seeking relief from drug effects, alongside the painfully inadequate responses from AIDS “experts” on what is arguably the Internet’s most utilized resource for people with AIDS.

Other sections present alternative information about less toxic, natural strategies that have been successfully implemented by “long term non-progressors” like myself, that are ignored or worse yet demeaned by the medical establishment. Again, RTB says it better than I can in a section entitled “Recovery”:

All Aids patients are not the same, and should not be assumed to follow the same deterministic and enforced fatal diagnosis. Types of Aids Immune Deficiency are as varied as people given the diagnosis.

Ask the Questions:

  • How many kinds of Aids are there?
  • What causes more and less severe cases of immune deficiency?
  • What variety of factors must be attended for all persons with “Acquired Immune Deficiency?”
  • Who are the “LTNP’s?”
  • Who are the “Elite Suppressors?”
  • How many are there?

Answer: We don’t count, we ignore them; but they are the key.

What treatments are being excluded at present because they do not conform to the enforced, but unreasonable and unethical dogma of Aids? How many “Long Term Non-Progressors” are out there who have already been put on these over-burdening drugs before ever discovering that they did not need them? How many falsely diagnosed are buried under the avalanche of drug toxicity, without ever realizing that their test result was the result of a poly-reactive test?


AIDS in Africa

AIDS in Africa

The largest category of documents posted so far on RTB though is one called “Scientific Racism, Eugenics and Population Control”. Postings here address the many social and political ramifications of the past 25 years or so of AIDS dogma. There is also an entire section of material pertaining to the unique situation known as “African AIDS”, which bears little resemblance to what is called AIDS in the West.

RTB is structured a bit differently than most sites that offer an alternative viewpoint on HIV and AIDS. It utilizes a fresh, tabular interface and is organized in a way that encourages anyone wanting to learn about their options for dealing with a diagnosis of “HIV” or “AIDS” can explore.

Even though most of the content on RTB is AIDS-specific, the “reduce the burden” perspective should also appeal to those facing other life-threatening and disabling conditions such as cancer, MS or autoimmune disorders.

Welcome to my blogroll, RTB.

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    Thanks for the boost! We’re just getting the site rolling. Lots more to come..

    Most of all, we want YOUR STORIES, from inside or outside the Aids ‘beltway.’ We want to hear the trials and travails of the drugs, and tests, and we want to know what you’re doing to overcome the intense burden of the HIV diagnosis.

    Thanks RIF for the front page treatment!

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