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Jan 152009

Marcia AngellAfter writing yesterday’s post, I came across  this article in the New York Review of Books, written by Marcia Angell, former editor of no less than the New England Journal of Medicine, currently  Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

In this must read, entitled “Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption”, Angell states:

It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of TheNew England Journal of Medicine.

When a whistle-blower with credentials like Angell’s condemns the current state of affairs in medical research, it deserves special attention.

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    What a great article to point out and interesting books to read! Thanks
    Questioning medicine and science is so important. But lets not throw out everything good with whatever is bad. Our challenge is to tell the difference. We must be able to sort out the true corruption from the conspiracy theories. We have to be able to tell the difference between science and pseudoscience. Being a dissident means questioning the current research until conclusive, and once conclusive accepting the facts. That is why people who say HIV is harmless or HIV does not cause AIDS or that HIV treatments do more harm than good are denialists…not dissidents.
    Seth Kalichman


      I am impressed that you’ve stumbled onto my humble little blog so quickly and am flattered no end that a published Ph.D. feels compelled to comment. You really do get around the web on this issue, don’t you?
      Your first “comment” here is being approved as a courtesy, along with the link to your own blog, where you are promoting your book. Good luck with that. Be forewarned that I am under no obligation to engage in debate, nor to give the podium to anyone who suggests I am a sociopath or mass murderer because I am not convinced that research to date is “conclusive”. Did you even read Marcia Angell’s observation about the state of clinical research?!
      You are clever with your wording. I have never stated HIV is harmless or that HIV does not cause AIDS, though I believe their opposite corollaries have not be researched adequately, let alone answered “conclusively”. Your assertion that HIV treatments inevitably do more good than harm has not been my experience, nor the experience of many others, and using that as criteria to define me as a “denialist” is preposterous, but in the end, only a subjective and derogatory label you’ve attempted to attach to me.
      The audience that matters most to me here are those who have been given a diagnosis of a life-threatening condition based on less-than-“conclusive” research who are looking for information and support. I hope to share my own experiences as an example of someone who chooses a path less traveled. If that does not interest you, then there’s no reason to hang around unless you simply enjoy being a provocateur.


    I agree with Seth, in that…..”We must be able to sort out the true corruption from the conspiracy theories. We have to be able to tell the difference between science and pseudoscience”

    And HIV is definitely true corruption and pseudoscience.
    I beleive Seth and others like him are “denialists” in the truest sense of the word. They have denied the fact that HIV drugs have caused the horrific and untimely deaths of many people.

    Thay have denied the fact that there is overwhelming evidence, and has been for the past two decades, that the probable cause of AIDS points to other factors.

    And most of all, they’ve denied the fact that there are many people like me, “supposedly” infected for about 20 yrs, not in a considered risk group, who had unprotected sexual relations with my husband for 7 yrs before finding out this diagnosis, had two children before “testing positive”. All three are negative.

    I was given an AIDS diagnosis based on nothing but a t-cell count (29) in 1996, and told I didn’t have long to live.
    When I quit all the drugs (in 2007) after 11 yrs, I was then told again, with a t-cell count of 96, that I’d be “dead, very soon”.

    Today, I am regaining my health and sanity. My body feels great, and I have my life back.
    And my husband and teenagers have their mom back.

    Please see my myspace page for more information.


    P.S. I bet the only thing Seth will not deny is the incredible money trail that the HIV=AIDS paradigm has brought to him and many others.


      Thanks for your comments. I’m glad you and others are finding my site and reading it. Challenging mainstream “AIDS” warriors like Seth and our own personal physicians can be very frustrating. Others facing similar diagnoses need to know we are here and I appreciate your willingness to be another public role model to help others seeking alternatives to toxic chemo therapy. I guess I should consider joining myspace so I can extend an invitation to be your “friend”! So many websites, so little time. Right, Seth?


    By the way, I’ve read Marcia Angell’s book called “The Truth About The Drug Companies”, and yes, it is shocking, truthful, and a “must-read”!!


    Dear Resistance,

    You are correct in all that you say.
    Thank you for this website. Please keep it up, you are contributing to the health and wellness of many who find it.
    As for Seth, one thing he can’t deny, my own personal testimony of healing and wellness.

    As my husband always says, this is the only dis-ease in history that you are condemned and branded with vicious epitaths when you actually survive and thrive, despite the mayhem. (this would be UNHEARD OF to do to a cancer patient).

    Mainstream AIDS begs for you to buy into this dogma, become a victim, succumb to “the bone”, and just go away and “die with dignity”, so they can increase their statistical numbers.
    Enough said.

    I’ll be looking for your friend request ::))


    Hey Seth,

    You’re a nutcase. I’m sorry, man, but don’t you get it? You call everyone a holocaust denialist, but you don’t even understand the holocaust! The holocaust happened because people believed in the perfectibility of science!

    And you believe in the perfection of Aids science, and you call anyone who doesn’t, a “holocaust denialist.”

    Dude, have you ever taken a couple months of AZT? You should consider it before you suggest it to everybody else.

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