Cancer scare 2: CANCELLED

 Posted by on December 9, 2013 at 8:16 pm
Dec 092013

Graphic of AMAS logo with "NORMAL" stamped over it.Very good news: I just received the results of the confirmatory AMAS cancer screen, and it was “normal”, or negative. In fact, the results were in the lowest possible range provided on the test, which is a good thing. The result from¬†my first AMAS test a couple of months ago was “elevated”, and required a confirmatory test. For obvious reasons, I have very mixed feelings about this test, but I am ready to put it behind me.

Now I am waiting to see if the pancreatic extracts that I have been taking are compensating for low elastase levels in my gut, as well as the other analysis of my gut microbiome from a recent Comprehensive Stool Analysis. I’m debating when to have CD4 and viral load testing done again. It’s only been a couple of months since I started taking the boosted Darunavir again, and expect the “viral load” marker will be reduced, but I’m more interested in CD4 counts, which take longer to recover.

I have reduced some of the supplements I’ve been taking, due to “pill fatigue”, but have started taking some Chinese herbs, including mushroom extracts.

Meanwhile, I have attempted to introduce the research director at the clinic I attend to the folks at The Perth Group, in hopes of determining whether high dose intravenous vitamin C is beneficial, or possibly counterproductive, in terms of balancing my redox. I will try to write more about this topic, as it seems to be of great interest to some folks, and I don’t mind admitting that I’m having trouble getting straight answers from those who seem to know.

Finally, some not so good news: I’ve been using credit cards to pay for much of this kind of testing, supplements and alternative medical care. I’ve posted detailed records of some of these expenses here, though they do not include travel, or interest on the credit cards. Even though I also have expense for this year that I have not yet posted, I’ve already spent over $5,000. The credit limit has recently been reduced on my two primary credit cards, which effectively halts my efforts to pursue any care that is not covered by my traditional insurance. Any contributions to the GoFundMe campaign on the right side of this page would be greatly appreciated.

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    Great news!! Not so much on the credit card stuff, but the health news is fantastic!

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