More crap from sockpuppet trolls – edited and updated

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Apr 292012

UPDATE April 29,2012

This is a rewrite of a post I made almost two weeks ago.

After exchanging a series of emails, followed by a more than hour-long sincere telephone conversation with JTD yesterday afternoon, I am now convinced that the comments posted below were not made by him.

It is past time to end the caustic war of words between us. In that spirit I am deleting most references to JTD in this post. I repeat here what I told JTD privately: I’m sorry if I’ve caused him grief with his employer. No one should have their livelihood threatened for holding a different point of view.

I’m also very glad that we have now had a chance to personally discuss our differences, and am gratified that we could find so many areas of agreement and common ground. It makes he hopeful that some of us can find a way to build a bridge to overcome our mutual mistrusts and misunderstandings.  As one wise friend recently wrote to me: “pain and disease are the enemies, not each other. ”

In the interest of integrity and credibility, I am archiving a copy of the original post in .pdf form here.


I have now received four anonymous comments from the same (probably spoofed) IP address in a couple of weeks. For the sake of posterity, I am posting them all here, as I have done in the past. They cannot be approved as legitimate commentary, only harassment, but they do reveal what those of us who publicly question AIDS are subjected to on a regular basis by some of the less stable sockpuppet trolls posting as AIDS cheerleaders.   (screen shot from disqus dashboard here)  

re: Confessions of a heretic dissident

Sad, Jonny. You really are a sickly one! Sadly, it seems you are well on your way to becoming this year’s Karri Stokely! Unfortunately, the Denialist turds will claim that you simply passed away from “stress” or some crap like that – or like Stokely, they will be silent. This sordid succession of bizarre and foul opportunistic infections clearly shows that “resistance” is actually “damaging.”

P.S. Are you going to allow them to use the veterinarian Al-Bayati to do a bullshit autopsy?

Kralc Rekab

re: On my way to the forums…

Seems like in every post, Snout outargues Denialists and is more informed and educated than any of you.

Kralc Rekab

re: When trolls attack: an open letter to “Dora”

How’s the Kaposi’s sarcoma treatment coming along? Do you think you’ll make it to see who the next president is?


re: When trolls attack: an open letter to “Dora”

Wow- looks like your blatherings might signify AIDS- related dementia. Have fun being patted on the back by such trash as Celia Farber. What a prestigious honor! Praise from fools such as yourself won’t help you. Medical science might. But all of you have so much psychiatric pathology that you are past the point of help. (e.g. Clarkie Baker.)



The IP address used for all four comments is, from a Comcast server in Cambridge, NJ, but that means little, considering how easy it is to spoof an IP address these days. It is listed on at least one DNS blacklist, so I’m probably not the only target of this troll.

Here is a dialogue between “Truthy McTruthenstein”, who is known to be JTD, and “Kralc Rekab” on Seth Kalichman’s blog Denying AIDS:  
Truthy McTruthensteinApr 15, 2012 05:33 AM
Has anyone read Jonathan Barnett’s latest post at RIF? He details all his ailments and it is not pretty. He has been very, very sick. He had MRSA all over his body so bad they are now scars. He had several Herpes outbreaks all over his face. The one picture he has of it is terrible and he says that is one of the milder outbreaks. He claims he has been sick all of his life. No wonder he has such a twisted view of disease, treatments and doctors.What everyone needs to remember though is that his level of sickness is far from normal or typical. Even for someone who is prone to being sick, MRSA all over a person’s body and many severe Herpes outbreaks are not normal. His immune system is fucked and he has suffered immensely. That is why we need to realize that his extreme level of suffering is why his views and opinions are so extreme and twisted that his opinions should be considered within this context.
It is surprising, however, that he actually comes across as the most normal, logical and well thought of all the dissidents.
Kralc RekabApr 15, 2012 04:07 PM
I think, sadly, that Jonathan Barnett is about to become the next Karri Stokley. When he dies (I estimate on the order of months) there will, as usual, be silence on the side of the Denialist turds. If anything, they may comment that it was “stress” that killed him or some bullshit like that. Celia might say that the “lovebox” could have cured him.
Kralc RekabApr 15, 2012 04:22 PM
@Truthy:I just read Barnett’s piece. The sordid succession of opportunistic infections actually demonstrates that his “resistance” is not “fruitful” but actually “stupid.”

Also, in Barnett’s history, he acknowledges that he was diagnosed with brain atrophy and AIDS dementia. That may explain some, not all of his psychiatric symptoms and craziness. But turds like Farber and Clarkie have no clarified organic disease other than pure unbridled stupidity to cause their narcissistic stupidity. (Well, Clarkie does try exploit his fake scamming “organization” to make a buck – that is some motivator for him). Farber is just a histrionic sad case of loserdom sprinkled with a flavor of attention-whore and garnished with a side of bitch.

I can’t win. According to the AIDS dissident thought police, I’m “in the AIDS zone”, and according to anonymous AIDS apologists and cheerleaders, I have only a few months to live. I’m thinking my best bet might be to get the hell out of Dodge; disconnect from the Internet; cash in every asset I own and move to a nice little ocean front cottage somewhere between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, where I can live in peace until I’m an old man. It really is a very strange feeling indeed to know that someone is dancing on your own grave before you’ve even been planted in the ground. I can’t help but wonder what kind of person gets their jollies that way.    

  4 Responses to “More crap from sockpuppet trolls – edited and updated”


    I must say Jonathon that after all this person has done or attempted to do to you both directly and indirectly I believe that you are surely a paragon of virtue to even contemplate forgiving this individual.

    I just hope and this is my opinion only, that he is sincere as my worry is that you are just being lulled by one of his multiple personalities in to a false sense of security before he pounces once more with his inimitable tourettes style.

    Good luck dancing with the devil.


    I don’t blame you or anyone else for being skeptical, James, and only time will tell where this eventually leads.

    There’s blame enough to go around. I took this matter to his employer, putting his livelihood at risk. We were both guilty of reacting and that just lead to more bad mojo and bad karma for both sides. I’m not saying we’re best buds, and I’m no fool either. I’m still exercising some caution.

    However, I will not dismiss or reject anyone who reaches out to resolve such an adversarial conflict… not even JTD.  There is much more to this story than has been told yet, and I hope JTD agrees to allow me to share that at some point.


     If JTD is serious, then I would also have to express my apologies for misjudging him. I wish him all the best.

    Kudos to both of you.


    FYI… Kralc Rekab was not DeShong – it was DeShong’s associate, Kevin Kuritzky (AKA Snout, David Regev), who Comcast identified as the account holder of IP address I tracked him to Georgia a few months later, where he was arrested on a felony warrant. A few weeks later, his wife divorced him and he pled guilty to felony charges. You’ll find more info on him at

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