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Question World AIDS Day

by Jonathan Barnett on Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at 4:45am

To my well intentioned and thoughtful friends—especially my gay friends—who are promoting World AIDS Day today:  There is nothing wrong at all with remembering friends and loved ones lost to AIDS, but please take off the self-imposed blinders that prevent us from being aware that AIDS is no longer just a disease.

AIDS long ago became a huge business… and a political/social construct that has evolved to benefit the pharmaceutical and medical industry complex far more than it benefits those Affected.  We helped make this so by passively accepting, and even embracing what was doled out to us.  World AIDS Day is little more than a thinly veiled marketing tool to glorify and sustain a self-perpetuating money machine.

While the institutionalization of AIDS originated in and is overwhelmingly supported by the Gay community, it is not and has never been “gay-friendly”.  It is a cancer that we should be trying to eradicate from our midst.  Not just the disease, but the business of wide scale poisoning of our youth and our elderly.

I’m sure that may sound wack to some of you, or you might be tempted to write me off as a conspiracy kook.  Please don’t.  I once led the effort to bring AIDS out of the closet decades ago, and I only wish I had asked harder questions then.  We were so terrified (terrorized?) that all we could think to do was demand drugs.  Too few of us bothered to question what we were doing and what we were demanding.

I have “AIDS”, but I have never benefited from the AIDS machine.  I am not alive 12 years later because of the drugs, but only because I quit the drugs.  What we have helped to build has not liberated us, but rather chained us and repressed us.  It’s time to dismantle AIDS and refocus our energies on the real causes of illness:  poverty, environmental degradation and quality of our food.  It’s past time to take personal responsibility for our health rather than just demanding new drugs.  It is time to neuter the profits that fuel the control of the pharmaceutical and medical industry over our elected officials.

We can start by refusing to participate in the marketing games like World AIDS Day.  At the very least, let’s restore it to a day of remembrance rather than a campaign to enlist more innocent people in the lethal ‘test and drug’ campaigns that only  benefit profiteers.

Since the beginning of the epidemic there have been questioners, rethinkers and skeptics challenging what has become the mainstream theory of AIDS.  We’re still here. Even if you’re not ready to join us, at least consider the evidence that has caused so many us to become AIDS dissidents.

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