Leg is better, thanks for asking

 Posted by on October 23, 2009 at 12:04 pm
Oct 232009

I just completed the third week of therapy for my left leg. A combination of compression therapy, using elastic bandages, and manual lymph drainage massage has produced some promising results. The swelling is gone, the infection has cleared and all the sores have healed… for the first time in years. I only wish now that I had resisted taking more antibiotics before doing this.

Now I am also facing a decision about continuing to take warfarin to “thin” my blood as a preventative against future clots.  I am having to frequently adjust my dosage and have yet to maintain a steady level, based on INR.  Some days my INR has been so high that it puts me at risk of internal bleeding.  Once again, I’m aware of the possibility that the “cure” is as bad as the potential illness.

I will continue to wear compression stockings and perform a set of exercises intended to stimulate my lymphatic system.

The scars of several years of painful sores remain to remind me of what I have been through. Hopefully, those too will fade with time and continued care.

I am extremely grateful to Dr. Cheryl Morgan, PhD and her staff at Therapy Concepts for their help and healing touch.

Before (9/24/09)

Before (9/24/09)

4 weeks later

4 weeks later

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    It is amazing that no one has left a message in the last four weeks since you posted this miraculous cure. I wonder why that is?
    Perhaps it is because I, your mentor, has not posted a message regarding this miracle? Do you think, Jonatha?
    Where is Karri Stokely? Where is Brian Carter? Where are any of the AIDS Denialists? Perhaps they do not actually care about your prognosis?
    I am certain that you have not even considered the fact that none of these people who came to your aid when that big, bad AIDS Truther J. Todd DeShong posted his sincere wishes for your health and the prognosis of your leg over a month ago????? Jonathan have you wondered where they have been? Have you even considered that NONE of these people put their lives NOR their careers on the line in the past month?
    Perhaps you, Jonathan Barnett need to consider that I, J. Todd DeShong have not posted one single derogatory comment about you on my blog, as I promised. Eventhough you, Jonathan, have dedicated several lines about your potential lies and derogatory comments about me on your blog!! Have you thought about that, Jonathan? I hope you have and I hope that you will not moderate away the fact that I have not posted one single defamatory comment about you, Jonathan, eventhough you have changed your named from resistanceisfruitful to Jonathan Barnett on everysingle blog that I have read, including Clark Baker and Celia Farber’s sites.
    Thank you for you truth thus far,
    J. Todd DeShong.


      Your comment doesn’t even make sense, and you are apparently trying to bait me, but here it is for the world to see. Be forewarned that I do not feel obliged to post every comment you make. In the future, please try to be coherent and relevant to the post you are commenting on. The comments sections of my blog are not offered to conduct arguments or debates.

      My full name can be found one click away from any page on my blog, under the title “who am i?” It is no mystery. Resistance is Fruitful is the name of my blog.

      P.S. “potential lies”. That’s funny.


    Oh, but I do make sense. And you know it. Why do you think no one has come to your blog to offer good wishes about your health? It is because they do not care. It is only because they wanted to post defamatory remarks about me. NOT because they care about you. Just as the denialists do not care about Kim Bannon now or about Rex Poindexter in the past!
    Think about it!
    You are just a tool to make defamatory comments about me! You know it is true!


      Most of your writing is hopelessly non-sensical, Todd, and you display a pathologically inflated sense of your own significance. I’m sure you’ve read the affirming notes I’ve received at AME, and you do not know what other messages of support I’ve received via facebook, email, phone and in person. You are drawing all of your conclusions based on a single source: the comments here on my little blog.

      Do you base your own medical decisions and pronouncements on similarly limited and finite sources of information?

      Since you mention Kim, and imply you care about her, can you tell me if you are advising her as you did me in your capacity as an online AIDS consultant (aka laboratory clerk) for Baylor? God help her if you are.

      You throw the word “defamatory” around like I throw a tennis ball for my puppies. If you had a leg to stand on (no pun intended), you’d sue me and those you accuse of defamation. You remind me of a special needs child that craves attention, hoping to be pampered and coddled.

      Unlike that special needs child, you are an independent adult who does not require my attention or help for survival, and I grow weary of your goading. I know you are just waiting for me to disapprove one of your comments here so you can whine about censorship or some other big word you don’t understand. I’ll try to explain it to you one more time: this is my personal advocacy blog, not a debate forum. You are not “entitled” to post comments here, but since I wrote about you I have humored you and permitted yours to post. If you can’t make your point in three comments, I doubt you ever will.

      Consider this your last comment here.


    Don’t you see? If they chose to wish you good health via personal means, then why did they chose to pounce on me via this blog? It is because of me. And only me. These denialists only care about you as long as you tow the dissident line. Which of course, you have not. You and I both know that. You can be as hypocritical as you need to be to keep these people around you. However, it is obvious to myself and others who have their mental faculties about them, that you are just a lowly pawn in a futile, pathetic agenda.
    Why not just be honest with yourself and others? It will bring you much needed relief. The truth, will set you free. As trite as it sounds, it is true.
    How long do you need to surround yourself with those who do not care about you?
    Think about it.


      I can’t help but post your rants and raves. I only do so because, as you say, it’s all about YOU, JTD. I know I should pity you and save you the embarrassment, and I may delete them later, but you reveal so much about your personality in these blasts and I think everyone should see them and keep them in mind when evaluating anything you write or say.

      I’m struggling to find the right word to describe you, but suffice to say you are clearly a very sick person. The only question is whether it is drug-induced or a pre-existing condition that seems to be worsening.


    Before and After both look like Kaposi Sarcoma to me. However, I know that David Crowe has said that I am not a Health Care Provider and that you lied and said I am a “laboratory clerk”…although I am certified by the Am Society of Clinical PATHOLOGISTS…the Society who decide this type of cancer…that I am not worthy…however, you may want to get another opinion as you obviously have KS, the GAY CANCER!!!!


      I can’t resist making this one public JTD. You’re still playing doctor on the web and you are so full of shit I can smell you clear up here in Missouri! LMAO. Maybe the American Society of Clinical Pathology (not pathologists) should hear about this one too. That is, if they care about the reputation of their certification.


    Seriosly- looks like you might have KS dude. You don’t want to be added to the list of denialists who have died. Get it checked out by a physician- seriously.



      You guys are really clueless. Did you even READ the posts?! I’ve had this leg checked by HIV-specialist; dermatologist; wound care specialist. I’ve been in a hospital for three days in July and various doctor’s offices since then.

      It is definitely NOT Kaposi’s Sarcoma.

      Stop trying to diagnose based on a photograph. The problem is venous insufficiency and if I feel like it, I’ll take yet a third picture showing continued improvement. Unfortunately, the scars will probably remain for the rest of my life.

      The question is: what do you think I should do if it were KS? I think we know the answer.

      You can’t stand the idea that some ‘poz’ people remain free of AIDS-defining illnesses without taking the poisonous drugs. So much so that you try to project “gay cancer” onto someone who doesn’t have it! In-fuckin’-credible.

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