Anita Bryant to resume anti-gay crusade

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Mar 202009

James Miko is a ballsy reporter with Gossip Boy an Oklahoma City gay e-magazine. Miko recently went undercover to bryant-pull-quoteinvestigate the infamous 1970s orange juice queen and anti-gay crusader Anita Bryant and in the process uncovered much more than he bargained for.

Using his newfound friendship with Bryant, Miko updates his readers on her career and subsequent retreat from the entertainment meccas of Eureka Springs, Arkansas and Branson, Missouri to her current home in Oklahoma City. He details her relationship with Jerry Falwell, her million dollar home and even the 1977 televised event where gay protesters threw a banana cream pie in her face.

At age 69 (in a few days), Bryant has gays and lesbians in the crosshairs her sight once again:

Hidden on the fourth floor of a restored building in the Bricktown entertainment district of Oklahoma City, three stories directly above a Hooters restaurant franchise, is the Anita Bryant Ministries International, Inc

The organization quietly keeps its physical location of 115 E. California secret from the public and only provides a post office box for contact, but Gossip Boy was able to ferret out the legendary gay civil rights opponent and stage an undercover operation to expose her plans to wage a new battle against homosexuals.

The secure building that houses Bryant’s offices is shared by other, more nefarious businesses, all managed by husband Charlie Dry. Apparently Dry is not a nice guy.

Events turned sinister as this reporter soon realized he was not just in the middle of an anti-gay ministry, but that Bryant’s offices were in the midst of Dry’s Government Procurement Services LLC, which isn’t everything it appears to be, but is more likely an influence peddling operation he runs with shadow partner J. C. Watts, a former U.S. congressman and potential Oklahoma gubernatorial candidate. Then it was discovered the entire fourth floor of 115 East California was filled with defense contractors involved in the machinations of war, such as Long Wave Inc. Down below tourists walked along the water canal or ordered chicken wings in a restaurant, while just above them secretive merchants of death were networking with Native American tribal officials and using them as minority-preference fronts in order to obtain multi-million dollar contracts with the United States Department of Defense.

Miko’s report is lengthy and I won’t copy/paste any more of it here. These tidbits should be enough for those who want to read the further remarkable adventures of this gay undercover reporter. Part two is scheduled to be published Saturday.

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Anita Bryant

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  6 Responses to “Anita Bryant to resume anti-gay crusade”


    Well, I almost hope she comes back, and with a vengence. Maybe we gay guys can all band together on an issue other than gay marriage or “AIDS”.

    I’m old enough to remember her campaign of hate. Pretty amazing. But, the flip side is that it got the disparate gay community motivated, focused – and more than anything – we began to actually OWN our sexuality, our right to be who we are.

    Sad thing is, though, we quickly gave it all away several years later when it was agreed upon that a retrovirus had a special hate for gay men. It’s taken years, but through viewing ourselves as victims and getting all that victim-based love (or is it pity?), we’ve made great strides in politics and social acceptance.


    Who the fuck cares? You’re gay, so what.

    I’ve never heard Anita Bryant say she hates gays, have you?

    Christians just hate the sin of homosexuality, not the sinner.

    Seems it’s you GAYS that HATE people that don’t accept your sinful ways. That said, homosexuality (as a sin) is no worse than any other sin a Christian may commit. The bible says only 1 sin is worse than all the others, and that’s “Taking the Lord’s name in vein”.


    Looks like you either hate Anita Bryant or have anitabryantphobia.

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