I will die some day. No question about it. When I do, will the AIDStruthers crow and proclaim that I died of denialism?

How old do I have to be to defy them? How long do I have to live without their death drugs?

If I am 90 years old and get hit by lightning, they will undoubtedly suggest that I really died of “AIDS”.

We hear it every time someone who questions HIV/AIDS dies.

This is a list of just a few of the close friends, family and lovers who have died of “AIDS” while taking their drugs.

dead friends who took the drugs
Dead friends who took their drugs

This is a morbid thing that I feel compelled to do to counter the ridiculous proposition that every dissident died because they didn’t take the drugs. A corollary to that reasoning might be that patients who take drugs will live for ever, which is obviously ridiculous.

Rest in Peace, my friends:

  • John Wilson
  • Anthony Baptist
  • Ken Higgs
  • Mark Chaney
  • Mark Sweetland
  • Jay Wright
  • Michael Blanc
  • David Sharp
  • Donald Jones
  • Johnny Guiterrez
  • Juan Rodriguez
  • Mark Norgaard
  • Chris Owens
  • Jeremy Ely
  • David Hunter
  • Paul Allison
  • Ken Hill
  • Gary Root

I will continue to add names to this list as I remember them. I know there are dozens more whose names do not immediately come to mind.