What does Google have to say about resistanceisfruitful?

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Mar 042014

google search barIt’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about blogging, a hobby that I take seriously, but doesn’t always fit well with the larger purpose of resistanceisfruitful. Thanks to Google, I can make a case that there really is a connection.

I have noticed a shift in the kinds of traffic being sent to this blog from Google since moving to a new domain at the first of the year. More than five years of data collected by Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools has been reset and are gradually being replaced with new information since the move. The results are probably of more interest to me than it is to readers, but who am I to assume that?

The most popular search terms resulting in visits to this blog offer no real surprises. They mostly relate to stories that have not been widely covered elsewhere. There are dozens of variations, so in the interest of space I’ve taken the liberty of consolidating them here:

gos blank
emery taylor
baby rico
autopsy results for charles “gos”

(Note: I have copy/pasted the search terms below exactly as they were entered into Google’s search engine. Some of them are a testament to Google’s ability to figure out what the heck people are really trying to ask!)

Nearly as frequent are search terms that show the strong interest some people have in quitting their ARVs, and the frequency with which I am seeing these recur is what actually prompted me to share this information with readers today. This evidence bolsters my argument that the current “guidelines” for treating HIV-Affecteds with cocktails of pharmaceutical drugs is unacceptable and will never be successful, given the very justifiable resistance to them by patients.

living without arvs
lotti study
quitting arv
was on arv treatment then i quit for a year now
can i use gullf if i’m on arvs
is it wise to stop taking arvs
what happen if i stop taking my hiv medication
how many have drop out of arvs and survived
how to survive hiv without drugs
i didnt take azt drug and im now negative of any retrovirus
i didn’t tool my arv’s about a month and i wanna take them again
is it possible to stop taking arvs
living without arvs
stories of people who quit arv’s
testimonys of people who quit arvs to alternative treatment
live without drugs
hiv without meds
hiv no meds
what happens when you stop taking arvs

Some people are looking for patients satisfied with their choice to take ARVs:

20 years still taking arvs
tested negative after eighteen years of using arvs

There are those who are apparently researching AIDS dissidence and denialism in general:

aids denialist
dissident hiv aids blogs
aids dissident
fear of the invisible
questioning aids

While some simply want some assurance that they are not going to be affected at all:

long term non progressor
how long live with hiv

The so-called HIV viral load test warrants a category of its own, though I do hope Google does more indexing about my writings on CD4 counts:

hiv viral load graph
viral load hiv graph
viral load spike hiv

As do some of the specific medical conditions I’ve experienced and written about, especially cancer:

side of the neck swelling
hiv parotid
picture of kaposi sarcoma
facial lymphoma
cancer round 2

And promising alternative treatments, such as high dose intravenous vitamin C:

fda vitamin c
sodium ascorbate vitamin c
megadose vitamin c therapy
vit c infusion
cell symbiosis therapy
uv light purification
mct oil coconut oil
maf 314
what is intestinal dysbiosis

There is certainly a lot of fear and confusion out there, thanks to all the HIV/AIDS voodoo and bone pointing:

fear fail
pointing the bone
voodoo hexes
die of aids
arv overdose
no questions allowed
circular argument
definition of heretic
origin of voodo
invisible fear

Speaking of bone pointing, I’m not really sure what to make of these queries to Google:

jonathan barnett aids dissident death
jonathan barnett death aids

To round out the list, search terms that just don’t easily fit anywhere else (the last one is one of my favorites):

pharmaceutical solutions
what happens if you take antiretroviral drug at the same time with red wine
peter duesberg 2014
gay dresses
paul sax blog
peter staley
red button blue button
westboro baptis church lady gaga parody
love resistance
townsend letter
who hiv clinical staging
water filter
aids legions
i have no questions

Keep in mind that these terms are the early reports of Google searches in only two months. Similar reports for five years of blogging at resistanceisfruitful.com included nearly 8,000 search terms.

Alexa rankings

Another website metric that I have tracked for years is the Alexa ranking. Just before moving the blog, resistanceisfruitful.com had overtaken questioningaids.com as the top-ranked AIDS dissident website, with a global ranking of 197,994 (QA was 211,274). That rank immediately dropped to about 3.5 million the day resistanceisfruitful.com was launched, but has since rebounded to 267,490 vs. QA’s current rank of 213,519. The third highest ranked dissident website at the end of 2013 was virusmyth.com, at 872,704 (now about 1.3M).

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