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“As he said hello I started to cry and cry. I could not believe it. I was given a second chance in life. This man is a great spiritual HIV/AIDS healer,his healing spell on aids healing is very powerfull. please brothers and sister, contact Dr HEROLD…”



A new member of the Forums at Questioning AIDS recently wrote a post “testifying” that she had been cured of AIDS by spellcaster. I just could not resist contacting the person via an email address that has since been deleted by the moderators there. Below is the interaction I had with someone calling themselves Dr. Herold Abudu (responses in blue). Obviously, I have used fictitious information and a generic picture from the web to create a fake identity to protect myself from any possible phishing expeditions.

I wrote to Herold Abudu:

I read somewhere that you can heal AIDS. Please send me more info.


Herold Abudu wrote back:


i am a spell caster and i have gift in healing deadly diseases like hiv/aids and other infection diseases .My spell power has succeeded in healing so many people round the world.

If you are infected with any disease and you want to be cured,fill out this form bellow [sic]

I completed Dr. Abudu’s medical intake form with the following information:

> Name: Jack Whitt

> Disease: HIV/AIDS; multiple autoimmune disorder syndrome

> duration of disease: Since 1998

> Date of birth: 1956

> Country: USA

> State: Kansas

> City: Small town in rural area, near St. Joseph, MO. I do not want to disclose the name.

> Spoken langugage: English

> Current occupation: Disabled

> picture: jack whitt1

> phone number: xxx-xxx-xxxx [deleted per forum guidelines]

Herold Abudu wrote back:


I have seen your problem,so be happy that you have found favour in the site of the oracle.You will be cured permanently and the gods have decided to add riches to your family because your pains has gotten to his alter of mercy.

The spell is a very powerful spell it is going to take 6 days days to cast this spell and the fifth day of it you will see the result of my spell, i don’t charge for my spell you are only required to pay for the items need to cast the spell then after the spell have worked according to plan you can voluntarily contribute to my orphanage home is not a task that you must pay but for the item which is going to be used for the casting of this spell must be bought by you. My spell last for a permanent nature, and this spell we are talking about must work for what is behind it is powerful. During the casting of this spell i will tell you what to do and after casting the spell you will also be told what to do cause all this i will consult from my gods. The following are the items needed for this spell


(1) the heart of a cobra snake=$100

(2) a red piece of clothes=$15

(3) the eye ball of a porcupine=$60

(4) and the wings of a bat=$55

total = $230

The rest items will be provided by me. immediately this spell is been cast,all your sickness will dissapear and you will go for test to confirm on the seventh day. I will be glad to hear from you cause i find your problem so easy for me to handle.

Dr. Herold Abudu


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