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Aug 082010

Note:  Speculation by some of my more rabid critics of my impending death just because I haven’t blogged for awhile is greatly exaggerated. My muse has been on vacation while I have been in one of my reflective modes (read: dealing with fatigue) lately.

To tide my more avid readers over, here is a post from my draft folder, written last winter.  Let’s hope my muse returns soon so I can get back to writing about more current matters.

something of interestPart of my history in Kansas City is that of being an outspoken gay rights activist. For a few years I was the “go to” guy for the Kansas City Star and most of the local television news reporters.  It helped that I worked as the regional editor of the Lesbian and Gay News-Telegraph, a respected gay newspaper (as opposed to the local bar rags).

I’ve lost far more archive materials than I’ve managed to keep, but with some time on my hands waiting for Spring to arrive, I’ve dipped into some of the old storage boxes and have been scanning photographs, and more recently some video from the past.

The clips below are of a 1993 (?) interview on a local cable channel show called “Something of Interest”. If anyone knows the name of the host, I’d appreciate knowing it again, as I’ve forgotten.

I am not so vain as to think that very many people will actually watch all three clips, but what else am I to do with them, if not post them here for posterity?





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    Ever look back at some of the things you used to say about HIV and AIDS and laugh your ass off at how ignorant you were back then?

    I know I do.

    — Gos


    Hey who”s the handsome guy ! hehe and you speak so well.

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