How about those HERVs?

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Comparison of micrographs of budding HIV and budding HERVs.  Can you see the difference?

Startling similarities when comparing micrographs of budding HIV and budding HERVs.

Could it be that we are getting closer to a (more) unified alternative explanation for what causes “AIDS”?  There are several recently published articles, as well as conversations between the authors, that just may prove to be the impetus for such a epiphany.

This is not about some startling new discovery.  It is the work of lay people wading through the scientific literature and gleaning and assembling already documented knowledge and information in ways that most orthodox scientists simply seem incapable of doing.

Most recently, Liam Scheff has published another great piece of writing, How AIDS Didn’t Become a Kissing Disease, which further challenges the mainstream explanation for AIDS.

In the article, Scheff presents official government definitions for what retroviruses are as he wanders through the history of “HIV”.  He notes  Matthew Gonda’s discovery of “HIV” in the saliva of healthy and ill gay men in the 1980s, though no self-respecting AIDS risk reduction educator today would suggest that HIV can be transmitted by kissing or even oral sex.  Gonda incidentally co-authored scientific articles with the now discredited discoverer of HTLVIII/LAV/HIV, Robert Gallo.

The article concludes that what Gallo and others were seeing are actually Human endogenous retroviruses, or HERVs; self-made cellular messengers that our bodies create in reaction to stressors and toxins, the same way scientists create them in the lab.  Scheff suggests that nutritional responses can suppress the expression of HERVs.

Other writers have written about issues of gut dysfunction and exposure to toxins that are entirely compatible with the theory that HIV is a HERV.  What remains to be done, in my personal opinion, is to tie these various perspectives together and to present a unified alternative theory of AIDS that can be understood by a fifth grader.

Until that happens, those readers who are struggling to understand the significance of a positive test result owe it to themselves to read the collection of writings by Schell and Cal Crilly at, as well as the essential and related information contained in Tony Lance’s paper, Gay Related Intestinal Dysbiosis.  It really isn’t that difficult to make the connections for oneself, but it does take some time and effort and for most people, it also requires some de-programming to allow the mind to accept new information.

As an Affected gay man, I struggle mightily to explain what I’ve learned to friends and others who find themselves in a similar situation.  That job is nigh-impossible as long as people remain uninformed and in the dark.  When I worked for the New-Telegraph in the 1980s and 1990s, the masthead read:  “Knowledge is Power”.  Nothing could be truer today.

How AIDS Didn’t Become a Kissing Disease

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    I would just like to bring to the attention of others who do not know about the Slovak Academy of Sciences findings that bacterial DNA isolated from the intestinal tract of 11 American and 30 Slovak HIV/AIDS patients are bearing sequences more than 90% identical with those of HIV-1 including pol, gag and env.

    The study was “Detection of HIV-1 sequences in intestinal bacteria of HIV/AIDS patients” and to my dismay is incredibly only cited by just 1 other paper and that is by Broxmeyer and Cantwells “AIDS: It’s the bacteria stupid”.

    FACT: Intestinal bacterial DNA does make it to the blood in this case that includes the env, gag and pol genes.

    Now if somebody has unprotected sex with me(or even kisses me for that matter for intestinal bacteria will establish colonies to some degree in all mucous membranes of the body) and infects me with a bacterium NOT a retrovirus which is expressing these 3 HIV proteins then surely that will make me test positive as the tests are reactive to these proteins???



      I’ve been thinking about my prior message but from another angle.

      Now I’ve only read the abstract from “Detection of HIV-1 sequences in intestinal bacteria of HIV/AIDS patients” so I don’t know what particular strain(s) of bacteria they found these genes in whether they were commensal or pathogenic but let’s consider Tony Lance’s ‘Intestinal Dysbiosis’ theory of disease progression for a moment.

      He found out about HIV/AIDS patients that had practically lost all of their good commensal bacteria with a complete domination of the pathogenic bacteria and fungus which all correlated with disease progression.

      Now we know that C. Albicans for instance when in search of nutrients will make holes in the gut mucosa the logical conclusion for this damage is going to be greater amounts of genetic material including pol, gag and env from these bacteria that are have them in their DNA in the blood.

      So the sicker the patient the worse the gut health.

      The worse the gut health the higher the circulating plasma levels of pol, gag and env(i.e, viral load).

      This will then show up on a PCR viral load test all the while a retrovirus is receiving the complete and total balme for the increase in viral load and the deteriorating health of the patient.

      I would just like to mention another connection – this dominance of pathogenic organisms in the gut DOES lead to CD4 decline through the massive induction of Interleukin 10(IL-10) now compare this science daily article where they show that release of bacterial products from the gut shuts down CD4 function to this one by Clifford Lane et al which as the title suggests can’t explain HIV CD4 decline by HIV“Explaining, Predicting, and Treating HIV-Associated CD4 Cell Loss After 25 Years Still a Puzzle” .

      So do we have the beginnings of an alternative explanation of increasing viral load and declining CD4s the hallmark of AIDS for non virological reasons?

      Personally I’m really starting to think that disease* is the cause of the germ not germs are the cause of disease the same conclusions drawn by Royal Raymond Rife, Gaston Naessons, Duesberg and The Perth Group.

      *Caused by trauma to the organism whether psychological, chemical/toxic exposure or other immuno suppressive scenarios like multiple exposures to semen just like Duesberg says lifestyle factors or the Peth Group calls oxidation by the risk factors.


    Interesting, but I suppose we shall have to wait for the headline saying “HIV infects intestinal bacteria”. Such is the sad mantra of the orthodoxy that no other explanation would be possible and no doubt it will be revealed that a new hiding place for that sneaky HIV has been located.

    On a lighter note, Jonathon, I see that Todd has today posted his own blogging statistics in response to yours. If I remember correctly you came up with the stats that your blog out performed his by a fair degree. His response is to compare Seth Kalichmans with Henry Bauers??? As if that shows us or proves something/anything of substance. Curious but not without precedence.

    And then yesterday whilst driving home, I was listening to drive time 729 khz, yes the AM band. In an interview from a top climate change scientist he confidently went on to debunk skepticism and could now prove it through a “study” he had conducted. In this study they had done a survey of published orthodox scientists papers and how many times they had been cited by other researchers, as opposed to dissenting scientists published papers citations. Without much surprise the orthodox papers were cited more often proving that they were right

    Now whilst I shy away from climate change as I really don’t have an interest or opinion, I do find the arguments and name calling that go on so very similar to this debate and raise it only as it shows the dubious methodology that goes on in pursuit of knocking down opposition and is passed off as some kind of shining beacon. I really would have thought that in both cases if the science was sound and glaringly onbvious then there would be no credible dissent out there. It adds much weight to Dr Bauers assertions that “Science” lost its way long ago.

    I do hope your thoughts/hopes of some good news will be forthcoming and not be merely misguided optimism.



      Well, Frank, I don’t have time right now to figure out which apples he is comparing to which oranges, but even a quick glance at his post tells me that it appears that Todd is crowing because Seth’s global Alexa rank is higher than Henry’s rank…. in Canada. Or something equally weird. At any rate, I cannot duplicate his published results on the Alexa website, which is open to anyone who wants to investigate for themselves.

      Currently, Henry’s global Alexa ranking is measurably higher than Seth’s global ranking: approximately 707K to 946K (lower number = higher rank). Readers also spend more time and view more pages at Henry’s blog, but who cares about things like that when you’re cherry-picking and grasping for straws to drink some of that apple (or is it orange?) juice.

      His comparisons of my blog with’s alexa figures is hilarious. Some day I may try to explain subdomains to him. (Hint: does the blog name come before or after the “” part of the URL, Todd?) Unlike WordPress and Blogger, one simply cannot track individual blogs at OpenSalon on alexa. I get very little traffic from OpenSalon lately because I do not take the time and effort to “work” that community.

      It is because of this kind of distinguished research, reasoning and logic that I will not engage Todd in debate or arguments.


    As Kundalini Energy continues to awaken humans to their spiritual selves many latent abilities and DNA will activate. Then, there will be the realization that “you are a conscious co-creator with God Source”. There are those who are attempting to thwart this process and who are aware of the knowledge that “consciousness creates”. They manipulate your consciousness with fear, in this case, propaganda and false science. Any old new name for a supposed disease is enough to get the ball rolling to create your dis-ease with self. Toxic medications are then used to continue the devolvement and death process of would be innocent people. Dont’ allow yourself to be one such person. Love yourself and others. Be forgiving and compassionate and continue to strive to achieve “Christ Consciousness”. Heal yourself and others.

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