Gay Related Intestinal Dysbiosis (GRID): the video

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Mar 252010
Tony Lance

I’ve gotten to know Tony Lance personally the last few months. The more we visit, the more things we seem to discover we share in common.

Both of us are gay men who came out just before, or in the very earliest years of the Gay Plague.

We are both “poz” and living without taking any antiretroviral (ARV) drugs.  We are both dissidents from the mainstream theory of AIDS.

Each of us has a history of writing and editing.

We make our own home made sauerkraut to help boost our gut health. We are interested in beekeeping, though Tony is much farther along in that adventure than I am.

I got to know Tony better after he agreed join the new QuestioningAIDS team earlier this year.  QA has quickly become one of the top-ranked AIDS dissident websites, with a very active dissident discussion forum.

At the RethinkingAIDS 2009 conference last fall (which I was unable to attend), Tony presented his hypothesis that the immune failure known as “AIDS” in the gay male community may actually be caused by damage to the intestinal flora due to common sexual and hygiene practices, such as rectal douching and the use of some sexual lubricants, as well as the high rate of antibiotic abuse in some subsets of gay men.

Though I had previously read Tony’s  paper GRID: Gay Related Intestinal Dysbiosis, I had not heard some aspects of his personal story, until I viewed recently posted videos of his presentation.If you can’t tell by now, I really like Tony and think highly of how he thinks, writes and now I’ve discovered that I like the way he speaks in the videos below.

I’m posting all three videos  here because I believe it is important to reach other gay men about some of the potentially dangerous practices that we are not hearing about from the AIDS service organizations in our communities.  In our personal conversations, Tony and I have also agreed that it is important and urgent for those of us “affected” by the illness to take leading roles in the AIDS dissidence movement.

Thank you Tony, for being willing to overcome your personal discomfort to become such an articulate and visible spokesperson for all of us.

(Note: The PowerPoint slides are available in a PDF format here.)




If you can’t tell by now, I really like Tony and think highly of how he thinks, writes and now I’ve discovered that I like the way he speaks in the videos below.

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    I saw the end of Tony’s Presentation after being interviewed by “somebody” at the conference it was a hectic weekend. I caught the end of it and it made sense, however I knew there would be footage and I could review it all from the beginning at a later time. This may be some info I could bring up in a video project I am working on. Thanks for Posting this.


    OK, this intestinal dysbiosis theory of AIDS is promising as a plausible answer to critics of Rethinking AIDS who ask: OK, then what does cause AIDS?

    We have lots of reasons to suspect that HIV is not the cause, starting with Occam and Koch and Duesberg and Bauer, but still there is ill health and death in some similar patterns. What are the real reasons? It looks complex and not well explored.

    Could we have, please, a “Patients Like Me” community and record our own experience with analyzing and correlating symptoms, treatments, and results? Such an association would expose all the participants to ridicule and harassment so we have to have a way to control that.

    What have the various Patients Like Me groups done? Are there better ways to minimize ill effects of sharing experience while still learning as fast as possible?

    We have the tools to build complex understandings by careful construction of good questions and multiple answers to each of them. We could use community wikis deliberately designed to foster comparison of different conclusions, for example, we could use an argumentation systems such as those described in “Dialogue Mapping”. (See IBIS, QuestMap, and Compendium for three generations of argumentation tools.)

    You two have shown us some valuable ideas. What would be a good next small step to take toward making effective use of those ideas to save us, your readers and fans, from suffering ill health and premature death? Can we make any progress among ourselves toward improving our health and our lives? You can predict my answer.



    When a person is in a consciousness of “not self” the immune system is compromised. A simple remedy and self healing strategy is to be and live in a consciousness of “self”. Be who you are. Be true to yourself. Express your authentic self. Accept and love the person you are.

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