Happy anniversary to resistance is fruitful

 Posted by on December 27, 2009 at 6:58 am
Dec 272009

I started this blog one year ago today.

What a difference a year can make.

After several years of self-imposed isolation–mostly due to the effects caused by being over-drugged by allopathic doctors–I started re-emerging as a participant in the world around me.

Blogging was a part of that.

I started blogging mostly for myself, thinking it would be a way to journal my personal experience.  That really hasn’t happened here, or at least not the way I imagined.  My experience with blogging at Open Salon turned sour when they commercialized that site, and though my personal blog gets far fewer “hits”, it feels good to be independent.

No doubt that I am still doing this for myself.  That others have discovered my writing and found value in it is just icing on the cake.

In the past year I have gotten to know several other AIDS questioners, many of them also dealing with health issues and a so-called “poz” diagnosis.  That has helped destroy the feeling of isolation I had been under for so long.

Because of this blog I reconnected with an old friend in my own community, Kansas City, whose personal experience also defies the AIDS paradigm.

I have also met others who live farther away, but thanks to the Internet, they are as accessible as though they lived next door.

This blog will soon move to my own domain.  I had hoped to have that done for this anniversary, but it is proving more complicated than I had hoped.  Blogging here at wordpress.com has been a great experience and I recommend them to anyone wanting to blog.  Having my own site will only increase my options for the future.

Meanwhile I have been collaborating online with other dissidents on a new project based on a vision of community and collaboration that will hopefully prove to be a valuable asset to the AIDS dissident community.

Stay tuned.  The best is yet to come!

  9 Responses to “Happy anniversary to resistance is fruitful”


    Well a fine happy anniversary to you and your blog……


    Nice to find you again. All the best, Risa


    I hadn’t realized it before, but you started your RIF blog the same day Christine died.

    …A fitting tribute — a soldier has fallen, but the battle rages on…

    — Gos


    Happy Anniversary

    I happy to have found your site. I will keep track of it i see you ar busy with some thing new – be blessed and Happy new year


    Compliments for 2012 Jonathan and keep up the great work.  Surely today I understand that Resistance Is Fruitful. Great blog name.

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