HIV does not cause AIDS video

 Posted by on March 13, 2009 at 9:07 pm
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For some reason the blogger known as disinter has linked to my blog for a video he had found interesting entitled HIV = AIDS Fact or Fraud? (Note: that link is no longer valid. Try this one instead, or Google the video title.)

This 1996 video is rather dated, but still worth viewing for those who are discovering the AIDS dissident movement for the first time.

If you were directed here from disinter’s blog, feel free to look around. I’ve notified disenter of the errant link, but it seems it’s still active.

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    Hello Jonathan. I just wanted to compliment you on the way you have written about your HIV/AIDS background. There are blogs that should follow your example… We do differ in our opinions greatly, but the honesty you display about persons that take drugs and are in a better state of health is great. It takes courage to also show that side of the story. You decided to take your road, and I really hope it works out well for you now and in the future. What I learned from it (at least I guess I did) is the way that the medical professions is not always on the right track, when it comes to adressing the person as a whole, which is a case of professional ethics, of being able to ‘present’ (as in the philosophical term) oneself to another. I see this as the other part of the medical profession, one that is not replacing being medical, but should be practiced aside. This is where regular medicine could learn from alternative if you ask me, there is room to be a person, not just a medical case. I hear that complaint a lot, although I am fervently against CAM treatments.

    best wishes, Bram
    (the typoguy from the disinter HIV doens’t cause AIDS comment thread)


      Bram – You read on my blog that: “persons that take drugs and are in a better state of health.” Where exactly did I say that?

      Your comments re: CAM are also contradictory, imo, though I fear that to disagree with you about anything is just bait for you to try to start the argument on my blog too. I won’t play that game here. That debate needs to happen in an objectively moderated public forum between participants more qualified than either me or you.


    No it wasn’t a try to start another discussion. I’m done with that. I took sort of a vow to myself never to engage in these kinds of discussions again, it’s quite pointless when people like disinter lack the proper knowledge. I didn’t put hours of study in the basics of science to see it being ignored like that.
    Disinter misses all the knowledge he/she needs on the topic concerned, which became very clear by asking ‘why call it a theory when something’s proven’ and the grave error on the retroviruses allegedly making up 8% of our genome. That is really well eh… stupid. (I thought of a more decent way to put it, but there isn’t)

    And I read the ‘better health thing’ in ‘surviving aids without drugs’, I quote:

    “On the other hand, my friend Brad has been positive for more than 20 years and he has been on the cocktails since they came out and seems much healthier than me.”

    Again, all the best with your health (I mean that) and thanks for the last post on the disinter thread. I think it was rather unnecessary since I never hit on you, and when you took things personal, I stated why I said what I said. Ah well. all well that ends well…


      Ah… my reference to the sole living survivor of the AIDS drugs in my life (the rest are in the Graveyard). Yes, there are anomalies in life aren’t there? I was being generous because of my respect and love for Brad. He does seem to have more energy than me. On the other hand he’s had to deal with some sort of serious colon surgery in the last few years, which indicates he is far from “healthy”.

      I included that in my story as evidence of my good faith to remain open minded and to admit I don’t profess to have all the answers. I don’t think that invalidates those questions I continue to have.

      As for my own health… there is no question I have health concerns. It’s just much less clear how many of them are related to “HIV”. Unfortunately if I go to a doctor with a hangnail, they can’t look past those fallible markers of cd4 counts and viral loads (as was also the case in the MACS studies you love so much).

      How does HIV cause DVT blood clots, a condition that has had a very profound and deleterious impact on my life? I’m guessing you can quote a study showing a correlation. I have also been diagnosed with multiple endocrinal deficiencies that likely predate my HIV-diagnosis as well, so there are plenty of boogie men to pursue beside HIV, but I’m not allowed that objectivity because of the HIV voodoo that permeates the very medical training people like you undergo.

      You are a believer in what you are taught. Medical training is heavily vested in research and funding from the for-profit pharmaceutical and testing industries. Medical care today is fixated on “markers”, rather than general health such as nutrition and environmental toxins, which I also alluded to in my history but you’d rather fixate on a single comment I made in deference to those who choose a different path than me.

      That, I think is at the core of this question. Mainstreamers like you are adamant that there is only one valid perspective and that, my friend, is the definition of a closed mind. I have not ruled out the possibility that HIV causes AIDS, I just don’t think the evidence for it is as sound as you seem to think. Even if that is someday proven true, toxic ARV therapy is a completely inhumane and inadequate treatment and alternative options must be explored.

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