Another victim of AIDS treatments dies

 Posted by on March 3, 2009 at 10:40 pm
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This post is for Seth Kalichmen and Peter Staley and and all the other AIDS drug pushers who so brutally bashed Christine Maggiore when she died recently. (For an account of Christine’s passing from someone who actually knew her,visit her memorial site.)

Now yet another one of “yours” has died. How should we note his passing?

Shelton Jackson was a poster boy for the AIDS testing and treatment cabal. He died of “complications due to AIDS”, even though he was taking his meds.

Shelton Jackson, poster boy for AIDS testing

Shelton Jackson (right),
poster boy for AIDS testing

I’m not going to trash Shelton like you trashed Christine Maggiore. He was just another victim trying to do what he felt he needed to do and he deserves better.

Shelton has an obit here, a “profile in courage” on here that includes background information, including his drug regimen, and his myspace site here. I’m not a myspacer, so I can’t read much there.

I can’t, however, allow Shelton (or any other “AIDS” victim) go without notice to the AIDStruthers that people fucking DIE (see the graveyard). Shelton was not able to remain compliant with his meds, but he did what he was told to do by people like you and he took them, thinking they would save his life.

They didn’t.

Get it?


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    Strange ideas in this post.
    No one has said that there is a cure for AIDS.
    I am not sure why you would think there is a cure. Not yet any way.
    AIDS denialism is a mental health problem from which many people ultimately snap to their senses. The first step is to stop believing pseudoscience and crazy conspiracy thinking. Take a deep breath and take a break from your anger and paranoia.


      So, in other words, Seth, you didn’t get it, right? Why am I not surprised. Other readers: notice that I said nothing about a cure for AIDS. Seth has a reputation for using chaff like that as distraction.


    Hi Jonathan,

    Very sad to hear about Shelton.

    You have a good informative blog here. I would suggest that you not pollute it with references to Seth K.

    Him and his ilk are too dumb to understand that the Black Box prescription drugs are admittedly deadly. When people like Shelton take them, they often wreck their liver — a vital organ. But, of course, the death is blamed on the “virus.”

    In good health, Jonathan.


      Welcome, Felix and thanks for the kind words. I’ve discovered that Seth is useful for helping to drive traffic to my site, but he can be such a blogwhore that have to limit him to one comment per post.
      I agree the Shelton may well have destroyed his organs and immune system by taking a cocktail of five toxic black box drugs for so many years. Hell he may have died of AIDS drug induced cancer. We’ll never know, will we?


    Shelton took a prolonged treatment interruption, which a 5,472-person randomized trial has shown significantly increases the risk of death. There is nothing in his passing that is inconsistent with what is known about HIV an its treatment, His death is a tragedy, your attempt to exploit it in order to prop up your own desperate denial is depressing. Christine Maggiore died of disseminated herpes, thrush and PCP.


      NM – Yes, Shelton took a break from his cocktail, only to restart it nearly a year before he died. The trial you reference was never completed and the results do not include people like myself. I have been cocktail free for six years now.
      Noting that Shelton’s death is consistent with HIV treatment validates the point I was trying to make: people with “AIDS” die, whether they take the drugs or not. As you undoubtedly know, few people can tolerate a lifetime of ARV therapy. I agree that his death is a tragedy, and agree that having to present it here is depressing.
      Now… please cite a source for your comments about the cause of Christine Maggiore’s death. At least I stuck to the facts.


    “As you undoubtedly know, few people can tolerate a lifetime of ARV therapy.”

    No, I don’t know. The citation for this is? People in that interruption study had been on ARVs for an average of six years when they joined. 97% of the people who interrupted did not get sick during follow up, just like you. But the ~3% risk of illness and death was still double what was experienced by people in the group that stayed on ARVs. Risk factors included low CD4 nadir, from what I’ve read Shelton’s nadir was 3. It’s a lot to ask of anyone to remain adherent to ARVs over prolonged periods, BUT THERE”S AN EVIDENCE-BASED REASON WHY PEOPLE RECOMMEND IT! Shelton’s story is evidence of that, and yet AIDS deniers would accuse anyone who advised Shelton to stay on treatment as murderers wanting to kill him with toxic drugs. You’re wrong, sorry.


      NM – I’m not going to get into a pissing match with you. There are studies that show more promising outcomes for intermittent treatment (ACTG 5170 and STACCATO for example), but that’s not the point. We seem to be in a tit for tat, each side accusing the other side of calling each other murderers, though you haven’t heard that accusation from me.

      That charge and worse was made against Christine Maggiore following her death. Did you read the links? My choice of highlighting Shelton’s death is primarily a consequence of timing. I wanted to show how easy it would be to make just the allegations you claim above, but that’s not what I did. You must have missed that irony in my post, instead getting offended and defensive. Sorry.

      Yes, I may be wrong, and I doubt that you’re really sorry. I support the right of any person to pursue any course of treatment, with all the information they need to make a decision, including ARV. Anyone reading the forums at TheBody, or patientslikeme can see that effects (nothing “side” about them) of these drugs are the rule, not the exception. That information should also be made available to anyone facing such a decision.

      What would you recommend to me, NM? Do you advocate that I should take the drugs because YOU say so, or because of the shortsheeted SMART study? Did you read my page about my experience with ARV?

      I’m not the one being dogmatic here. Why is it so hard for you to allow me my choice? I may die tomorrow, but I will have an intact liver, healthy heart, a clear mind (and conscience), the ability to walk without a cane and free from neurological problems. All of those things and more plagued me when I was taking a shitload of pharmaceutical drugs several years ago. If you know of a clinical trial that monitors people like me, please advise.

      BTW, if you choose to continue to respond, please identify your stake in the debate. Are you also living with a diagnosis? Do you take ARV? Are you a physician? Concerned observer? It would help me put your opinions in perspective.


    Seth [deleted] Kalichman says there is ‘no cure.’ He is now God. He now can tell you or anyone else that they’re going to die, and his magic testing is the way to know that. It doesn’t matter how many people live for 25 years without the drugs, to Seth, [deleted]. Oh, and if you think that’s an exaggeration, why don’t we talk side-effects, SETH? Let’s talk all the side effects. Let’s talk all the damned HIV test cross reactions, and how they’re testing for groups, not for particles.

    Seth [deleted] makes it a ‘sickness’ to question AIDS orthodoxy. What’s next? Is it a sickness to question government? How about newspapers? Seth is hiding behind this idea, but is Seth also a psychiatrist now?

    If he is, maybe he should label himself as “defective” the way that gay men have been labeled as a MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS for most of the last 200 hears of history.

    The Germans pathologized the Jews, the same way that Seth [deleted] Kalichman pathologizes people who don’t want to commit state-sanctioned suicide taking or Crixivan.


    Editor’s note: Dre, you put me in the awkward position of editing your comment, due to personal attacks and some very inciteful, if not libelous language. I don’t necessarily disagree with you, but if I allow them, I’ll feel obliged to allow Seth to respond and I’m not willing to allow my blog to be derailed… by either him or you. It is, after all, MY blog.
    Please feel free to resubmit, minus the personal attacks.


    PS- NM, don’t lecture us on how a housewife in Van Nuys died as though it makes up for the TENS OF THOUSANDS of men who trusted the medical establishment and took high doze AZT in the 90s, and who died excruciating deaths BECAUSE OF THE MIRACLE CURE.

    Christine Maggiore was not the dissidence movement, she was one person and she suffered a lot at the hands of people like you who PRAYED FOR HER DEATH out loud on blogs and in editorials. John P. Moore should be arrested as a conspirator in her death the way he lynched her in the press. And why don’t you start counting all the dead bodies in the Nevirapine trials, or in the fake vaccine trials, or in the AZT trials, or in the HAART studies? You list all the people you maim and destroy with your tests and drugs, and we’ll list the four or five people who died trying to stop you.

    You people are like the old South African whites, you’re just looking for a few “blecks” to put down. You can see how serious you are about the science by your attitude to people who can read the black box labels and the test instructions. You people are a sick joke, will we have to have a truth and reconciliation commission to deal with all the deaths caused by the AIDS pharmaceuticals?

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