In the beginning…

 Posted by on December 28, 2008 at 5:03 pm
Dec 282008

Welcome to my blog.  I have had a blog for more than a year, but never posted after the first entry.  Maybe it was due to poor health and lack of energy and motivation, but I was also trying to be super-geeky and host it at my own domain. Hopefully, hosting here at WordPress will simplify the process so I can focus on writing, rather than FTPing and troubleshooting upgrades.

I will soon be posting a critique of the recent Ideas for change in America project at, but didn’t want that to be my very first post here.

My story, I survived AIDS without drugs is posted as a separate page, rather than a blog entry, as I want to keep that information available as long as this blog is active.  It’s a long read, but hopefully it will help you understand why I am here today.  I intend to write about a lot of things, not just “AIDS”, but I can’t deny it has affected my life more than anything else.

Feel free to do all the things a budding blogger hopes his readers will do:  comment, contact me, link and most of all…  Enjoy.

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    The link to “I survived AIDS without drugs” goes to a 404 (Not found) page.

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