Note:  The information on these documents changes frequently.  Despite being updated periodically, these attachments will always represent a snapshot in time. I’m only maintaining the “big-picture” charts of the conventional HIV markers at this time.

sixteen+ years of labs:

cd4 counts

absolute cd4 counts

cd4 percentage (%)

pcr viral load


pcr viral load 2*

* Note viral load counts over a million made it impossible to discern variations in that marker at lower levels. The y axis on the second pcr chart has been adjusted, making it easier to see what the VL was doing at levels <100K>.

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organic acid tests

organic acid test (oat) summary
oat summary chart
2010 dec 15 oat
2011 apr 06 oat
2011 aug 22 oat
2012 jan 12 oat
2013 feb 25 oat
2013 jun 05 oat
2013 sep 18 oat
2014 jan 08 oat

comprehensive stool analyses (csa)

2012 feb 13 csa
2013 feb 25 csa
2013 jun 10 csa
2013 sep 19 csa
2013 dec 05 csa

immune deficiency panel (immunoglobulins)

2012 feb 15 igs

other tests

western blot (2013)

amino/fatty acids, metabolic
1.8 Mb (.pdf)

adrenal stress index
142 kb (.pdf)

mineral analysis (heavy metals)
639 kb (.pdf)

immune function panel (immunoglobulins)
34 kb (.jpg)

rbc, hematocrit and hemoglobin decline
246 kb (.jpg)

supplement protocol:

Supplement List

supplement list


list of former prescription drugs used:

list of former prescription drugs used

former prescription drug list


other medical diagnoses